General Civil Litigation

If you or your business becomes involved in a legal dispute, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you negotiate and try to settle the matter. When appropriate, we will negotiate with the other side before a case is filed and during mediation or arbitration to get a positive result for you.

Many disputes, however, cannot be resolved without the Court’s involvement. Our attorneys have the experience to represent you through all phases and aspects of a civil trial. Syd has more than 30 years of experience in the courtroom, in both jury and bench trials; and Cami’s 13 years of practice give her substantial litigation experience. We have worked in Small Claims Court, District Court and Superior Court, the N.C. Court of Appeals, and the N.C. Supreme Court.

Our attorneys have handled all types of civil cases including construction litigation, real estate disputes, corporate and business matters, and issues between customers and service providers. From large to small, our Firm can handle your simple breach of contract matter or your complicated action involving multiple parties and claims. We will help guide you through the complicated legal steps and support you throughout the process.