Family Law

Dealing with legal issues in family matters can be extremely difficult – both legally and personally. Our attorneys know this and are well versed in handling matters such as divorce, custody and guardianship. Our knowledge of the law and experience with alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation, combined with our courtroom experience, will provide you with the legal support you or your loved one needs in this potentially high-stress situation.

If you are separated, are contemplating separating from your spouse or have child custody, visitation or support concerns, Syd Alexander or Cami Schupp will listen and provide the advice you need to make informed decisions on how to proceed in your particular situation. We will then provide guidance on equitable distribution, support, custody and other claims that often must be dealt with in separation agreements.

Both Cami and Syd are members of the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, are open to all manners of alternative dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration and collaborative law; but will also fight for your marital or parental rights zealously in a civil trial if necessary.

Services provided:
Pre-marital agreements
Domestic partnership agreements
Child custody and visitation
Child support

Attorneys practicing Family Law:
Syd Alexander
Cami Schupp

Family Law Resources:
Child Support Guidelines and Child Support Calculator

NCGS 50-20

Dispute Settlement Center