Criminal & Traffic Law

The attorneys at Alexander, Miller, Schupp & Davis, LLP typically accept criminal and traffic cases on a referral basis. This includes traffic matters and misdemeanor or felony charges involving alcohol, drugs, theft and other relatively minor charges being handled in district court in Orange and Chatham counties.

We will do our best to handle your criminal matter in a way that will minimize the long-term effects on your record. For traffic citations, our efforts focus on keeping your automobile insurance from increasing – for those with few or no prior offenses – or on keeping the points against your license as low as possible -for clients with multiple prior convictions. Our attorneys are experienced with negotiating plea agreements with the assistant district attorneys and with entering into deferred prosecution agreements, when available for clients, to minimize the effects on your criminal record.

Your prior criminal convictions may be eligible to be expunged. Generally, under North Carolina Law, a criminal conviction may only be expunged if: 1) it was a first-time nonviolent offense committed more than 15 years ago; or 2) it was a first-time offense committed under age 18 or age 22, depending on the specific circumstances. If you were charged with a crime and the case was dismissed or you were found “not guilty,” your charge may also be expunged.

For more information on Expunctions in North Carolina, here is a summary available from the North Carolina Justice Center.

Attorneys practicing Criminal Law:
Cami Schupp

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